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Book online transfer now, discount Zadar airport transfers and Split airport transfers is there for you,  so you can safely, comfortably and on time arrive at your desired destination. We understand that the clients time is the most valuable and we believe that our service will fullfill your requirements. Our drivers, personally Dražen, Mario, Franjo and Ivica will drive you with the full responsibility to your desired location. With comfortable and safe driving they’ll make sure you meet any schedules.

The defined fee is guaranteed – no deposit or paying in advance is needed. The payment will be given to the driver.
Online reservations guarantee that you’ll be waiting at the requested location. In case of an eventual plane delay you are guaranteed that we’ll await your landing.
If you made Tisno your holiday destination and you wish to travel safely and quickly to your decided resort we are the best choice!

Transfer Type of Vehicle Charge one way Charge return way
Zadar Airport – Tisno Taxi car – up to 4 pers. one way 750 Kn (£79/100€) return transfer 1300 kn (£146)
Zadar Airport – Tisno minibus – up to 8 pers. one way 850 Kn (£96) return transfer 1600 kn (£180)
Split Airport – Tisno Taxi car – up to 4 pers. one way 800 Kn (£90) return transfer 1500 kn (£169)
Split Airport – Tisno minibus – up to 8 pers. one way 950 Kn (£107) return transfer 1800 kn(£203)
Split Center – Tisno Taxi car – up to 4 pers. one way 1000 Kn (£113) return transfer 1900 kn (£214)
Split Center – Tisno minibus – up to 8 pers. one way 1200 Kn (£135 ) return transfer 2200 kn(£248)
Tisno- Nacional Park Krka Taxi car – up to 4 pers. one way 350 Kn (£39) return transfer 600 kn (£67)
Tisno- Nacional Park Krka minibus (8 pers.) 400 kn (£45) return transfer 700 Kn (£79)


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