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Tisno village

Tisno is situated partly on mainland and partly on Murter island. What separates them is a small bay, only 38 meters wide. It is the youngest island resort. Connection between land and island is a mechanical bridge that opens twice a day during summer season.Local people stared constructing a bridge right after the breakdown of Republic of Venice but soon after they started, local people from other villages protested against it and building the bridge was once again put off. However, constructing started soon again and the bridge was finally finished and it remains the same as it is today. The bridge had series of constructions over the years and the last one was done in 1991. It was put in use at August 20th. What needs to be pointed out is that Tisno had municipal government from 1808 until 1962 when Šibenik County took over. But, after Croatia became independed country in 1993, authority has been established again. Having that authority, other villages became a part of Tisno borough until 1997 and 2000 when Pirovac and Murter extracted.

Tisno significantly changed over the past few centuries. In 19th and 20th century Tisno was centre of administration as well as trade and dealership, particularly between two world wars. More traditional activities were vine and olive cultivation. Tisno was also the first village to open up to tourist activities which resulted organized tourist visits and opening boarding houses and a hotel. All that started between two WW.

That was Tisno back then. Tisno today is much different. Although it is still a centre of administration, trade and dealership it is not as emphasized. Local population is still engaged in agriculture but with minimal results. On the other hand, tourism is main activity and existential priority for local people; therefore they are maximally supported by the borough. Tisno has hotels, apartments, luxury rooms and camps. New regional plan is to include some interesting localities turning them into apartment villages, eco sections and auto-camps. Jazina and Rastovac zone is in plan for building hotels while Luka cove and east side of Tisno are predicted to become nautical marina. Significant resource is therapeutic mud at the Makirina cove and that is important for improving health tourism. Tisno is also known as religious place where people from Zadar and Šibenik dioceses gather for pilgrim's journey.


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